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Deciding on a wedding car to take the bride to the service and convey the bridal couple away from the ceremony can take a while. Unless you are lucky enough to have a collector of vintage cars in the family or the groom already owns a stylish sports car, hiring your wedding transport is the usual option.Depending on your budget you can decide on wedding car hire for the whole wedding retinue, or just hiring one vehicle for each stage of the wedding: a car to transport the bride and bridesmaids to the ceremony, one to transport the bride and groom from ceremony to the wedding reception venue and one for the bride and groom to ‘go away’ in after the reception.So what are the options for modern bridal couples looking for stylish wedding transport?1. Chauffeur driven limousineThis is a conventional but very practical option. Limousines are spacious with plenty of room for bride and bridesmaids to stretch out without crushing trains and dresses. Wedding car services often offer little extras as part of the package, such as chilled champagne waiting for the bride and groom after the ceremony as they are transported to the reception. To make it more affordable find out the best value deals from your local limousine services. It could be cheapest just to have the limo drop the bride at the ceremony and not wait around, or there could be special wedding packages that make it worthwhile to use the same limo for transport to the reception after the ceremony.2. Vintage CarThere are specialist hire car services that provide vintage cars especially for weddings and special occasions. Drive up to your wedding in a Rolls Royce or a Bentley for some classic, timeless style. Depending on the car service they can be hired as self-drive or with a chauffeur. If you go the self-drive route, appoint a member of the family as chauffeur for the day and use the car for all the various wedding transports: taking the bride to the ceremony, the bride and groom to the reception and then the groom can carry off his bride in it after the reception, all for the cost of one day’s car hire.3. Sports CarThe groom might have set his heart on driving away from the wedding in something sexy and speedy, in which case hiring a sports car for the day is the ideal solution. Look for a local specialist hire car service that includes top end models of a range of sports cars. If you plan to use it as wedding transport between the ceremony and the reception, just make sure that there will be room for the wedding dress without it getting uncomfortably crumpled.4. Horse and carriagePerhaps you are the romantic old-fashioned types and would like a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding transport. Remember that there is less room in a horse-drawn carriage than in a limo, so if you have several bridesmaids you will have to find separate transport for them to the ceremony. Before hiring, you should also discuss whether the wedding venue is suitable for horses, both with the venue itself and with the carriage hire service.Combine any of the wedding transport options above: perhaps the bride would like to arrive in a limo with her bridesmaids, the bridal couple could then drive to the reception in style in a Bentley and then whisk away in a smart sports car after the reception. Decide on your budget for wedding transportation, research the best options in your local area and then see which options fit within your budget.

Grow Your Window Cleaning Business by Knocking Down Some Doors | business services

We all know that window cleaning businesses are growing in number as the small-business/ service industry is booming in America. However, with the growing number of small businesses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find clients who will remain loyal to your service as you may need to raise prices or reschedule because of a busy week, etc. This article will explain how you can grow your customer loyalty. The best way to get and keep customers who will remain loyal to your window cleaning service is by developing one keyword: trust!Trust is the name of the window cleaning game, and it starts with the first impression. By first impression, I mean the very first time the consumer hears word of or even sees any marketing propaganda from your company. Consumers are becoming wiser and more instinctive in the “Information Age,” which is why it is pertinent to make every effort to create a lasting first impression.There are several ways improve, what I call, your “hook” (your lasting first impression). One of the ways is to spend a ton of money on newly designed marketing material; i.e. business cards, flyers, brochures, truck signs, websites, etc. These are great steps steps that should be taken when your window cleaning operations grow large enough to afford them. However, the best way to create a good “hook” is to knock on people’s doors, which is called canvassing. There are several reasons why this method is still the best method to obtain loyal clients, but I will discuss that after I discuss how canvassing should be done. First of all, it is important to observe all “no soliciting” signs, as this is common courtesy. Secondly, you need to put on a company shirt (preferably a polo-shirt with nice work shorts or slacks) and look well-groomed. A clean-shave never hurt anybody! Lastly, be prepared with what you are going to say. This helps improve confidence and credibility (remember that consumers are becoming increasing smarter and instinctive). By putting yourself together nicely and looking respectable, you give the potential customer a reason to listen to your message for a few short seconds.The reason that canvassing (going door-to-door) is still the best method to obtain clients is very simple. People are creatures of habit, and we all grow up with the habit of using our five senses before we make a purchase. When you go and knock on somebody’s door with a well-rehearsed and sincere message of why you can enhance their life with your service, you have engaged more of their basic senses. Now the potential customer has the chance to 1) see their service 2) hear their service 3) touch their service (if you have a piece of marketing material for them) 4) smell their service (hopefully it is favorable) and 5) taste their service (which does not apply). This greatly enhances the “hook” effect because the brain is impacted by more senses than if they just saw your business card that says, “Jack’s Window Cleaning” on their porch. These cards usually end up right in the trash because there is no reason to keep it. It all comes back to the issue of trust. If they can get to know you in a positive way for a short 15-30 seconds, then they can gain some trust because they can put a “face with the business card,” and this gives them a reason to keep your card when they are ready to order a service. Mastering the art of canvassing, which only comes through practice and active thinking, is one of the first keys in starting and growing a window cleaning, or small-service-business.

Discover Why London Hotels Are Full and Very Expensive in November | travelling and hotels

November is the month where hoteliers, resort, condos, apartment owners and travel agents gather to represent their companies. The event is called “The World Travel Market “week (WTM). It is an annual global event where hotel and travel industries meet and promote their facilities to prospective clients.This year’s date is between the 8th and 11th November 2010 at EXCEL, London. In addition to Travel and Industry people foreign embassies also have stalls there to attract more tourists to come to their respected countries and promote tourism businesses. This is a HUGE MEGA event which simply put, hoteliers CANNOT afford NOT to be there if they want to promote their hotels or resort facilities!Thousands upon thousands of travel industry people from all over the world will to come to London for this very important global travel industry event. It is like a Superbowl or the Champions League final of the travel industry where everybody wants to be there.Some hotel reservations agents receive booking as early as March for November stay to get special discounted rates. I know I did when I was a reservations agent.Some hotels do not even have their winter rates publish in March! But their travel agent partners would want to book some rooms for their valued clients and a few more rooms for family members, just to be on the safe side. They know that if they wait and book hotel accommodations nearer the date it will cost their clients dearly.You are probably wondering what’s got to do with you as leisure or week-ender travellers? There must be thousands of hotels in London. It’s only for four days surely I could find one hotel to suit my preference? The answer to that is yes. If you are prepared to pay premium hotel rates when you book then there is no need for concern. However, bear in mind that hotels will try to sell their accommodations to the highest rates possible simply because of the “World Travel Market” (WTM) Week. This is the only time hotels can cash-in on the event.Even hotel with no star ratings like Bed and Breakfast or Guest Houses will be difficult to find that meet your needs.Travel industry delegates will come to London at least a few days before the official opening day to prepare their stand at the exhibition. They will also arrange meetings with people prior to the big day. Imagine thousands of travel delegates needing accommodations in the next seven days or so. You are going to compete with them in searching for cheaper hotel accommodations during the WTM week. Needless to say, hotel room rates in London will simply go up. The demands for hotel accommodations will outstrip the supply for this period (WTM). If you are planning to come to London for a short break avoid the “World travel Market” week, if you can. If you absolutely need to be there in the dates mentioned above, I strongly suggest you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

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